My Approach

I work with you to bring about organisational change. My approach is the key to my success:

Sensitive to organisational culture

My experience in working with a wide range of organisations is that there is no off-the-shelf workplace solution. But there are common principles and sound methods for achieving the desired outcomes, which I adapt to your own context.

I tailor my approach to account for different levels of knowledge and support for change in your organisation.

Based on sound evidence and analysis

Solid research and clear analysis underpins the reasons for change. Without strong grounds, no-one will be convinced.

I am a thorough and practiced researcher, with specialist knowledge of industrial and anti- discrimination law and practice. I keep up to date with the latest developments in these areas so that you can rely on my analysis.

My depth of specialist knowledge also means that I can do small research jobs quickly.

My extensive research experience varies from advising employers on removing anomalies in their industrial instruments or solving disputes to developing case studies and guidelines.

My clients consistently tell me how reassured they feel to have such a solid basis for making sound decisions.

Inclusive of managers, staff and unions

One of my first tasks is to identify all stakeholders and include them to the right level and at the right stage. Frequently the problem or issue has its root causes in poor communication.
Open communication encourages engagement and allows differences to be raised and resolved. It is the only way to change culture and create lasting workplace solutions. With sexual harassment and bullying, it’s especially important that everyone agree on the boundaries of acceptable, respectful and professional behaviour, and understands the consequences if these are breached.
My training program combines communication, consultation, facilitation and education. It provides a feedback loop to revise and refine the messages and the process.
I tailor my approach to account for the size of your organisation and the scope of the project. It may require only informal communication, but often it involves facilitation with reference groups or committees and presenting at executive and staff meetings.

Trustworthy with confidential information

I establish a clear line with my clients between commercial-in-confidence and required information so that stakeholders can make informed decisions.
In 10 years of conducting investigations there has never been any actual or perceived breach of confidentiality. I understand the distinction between information that is private to the individual and that which is lawful for the employer to require.


I deliver quality work, on time and within budget. I commit and follow through on agreed timelines, but am flexible in renegotiating to accommodate unforeseen circumstances. I ensure that I can meet your schedule as part of my contract.


My rates are affordable for smaller and non profit organisations. I regularly benchmark against other providers to ensure that I remain highly competitive. I tailor my proposals to get the best outcome for you within your budget and timeframe.