My Record

Over the last 19 years as a consultant to business, government agencies, unions and community organisations, I have helped my clients achieve ongoing workplace solutions.

My many specific projects include:

  • guidelines for small business on family friendly workplaces for the (then) NSW Department of Industrial Relations
  • a training program for women small business operators on their legal obligations as employers for the NSW Government Women in Small Business Program
  • training for unions around Australia in 2009- 2010 on the General Protections provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009, for the ACTU Organising Education and Campaign Centre
  • procedures on equal employment opportunity, discrimination, harassment and bullying for RailCorp
  • curriculum for training RailCorp train crewing employees on harassment and discrimination
  • advice to RailCorp on pregnancy management policies
  • a report on the profile of women in small business in NSW for the Department for Women
  • contribution to a NSW Health review and rewrite of policy on recruitment and selection for NSW public health organisations
  • training resources on Discrimination and harassment: the rights and responsibilities of employees for the Anti-Discrimination Board of NSW
  • a series of workshops for members of the NSW Nurses Association on workplace bullying
  • consultancy and training on their internal bullying and harassment policy for the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union over five years
  • numerous grievance investigations in the NSW public health sector, the NSW public sector, local government and the community sector
  • Submission to the National Paid Parental Leave Inquiry 2008 for the National Pay Equity Coalition.

As a result of my work:

  • small business operators know how to provide safe and fair workplaces for employees with diverse needs, and to comply with their legal obligations under industrial relations, occupational health and safety and anti-discrimination laws
  • union industrial staff and senior officials around Australia can confidently use the General Protections Provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 to protect the rights of their members and delegates
  • Railcorp has a sound basis for fairly managing a diverse workforce and for complying with relevant industrial relations and anti-discrimination laws
  • RailCorp trainers had good quality training materials and strategies for informing train crew on their rights and responsibilities with regard to workplace bullying and harassment
  • Railcorp implemented appropriate policies and procedures for managing pregnancy in high-risk work areas which are compliant with occupational health and safety, industrial relations and anti-discrimination laws
  • NSW Health’s recruitment and selection policy provides practical advice to recruiters and selectors on how to comply with equity and diversity principles, and with current government requirements, such as working with children safety checks
  • government, business and community groups in NSW have had a strong factual basis for their policies and programmes to support women in small business
  • teachers in pre-vocational training programs have high-quality teaching resources for educating young people about the meaning of discrimination and harassment, and what to do if it happens to them
  • practicing nurses in NSW have developed effective strategies for responding to bullying from patients, families of patients and colleagues
  • as a large employer, the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union has been able to build a workplace free of bullying and harassment
  • numerous organisations have a sound basis for dealing with proven and unproven allegations of discrimination, bullying, harassment and corruption.
  • the National Productivity Commission has been informed of key issues to consider in developing recommendations for the Federal government on the introduction of a national paid parental leave scheme.