Equity & Diversity

Promoting diversity in the workplace

Is your organisation enjoying the benefits of a diverse workforce?

Diversity takes many forms, including race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, culture, age, caring responsibilities, physical and intellectual ability and religious, political and other beliefs.

Diversity in the workplace can bring positive outcomes for businesses and other organisations, including attracting a more diverse customer or membership base, and attracting high quality employees who may be in one of these groups.

Valuing diversity means accepting and respecting individuals of whatever background or physical ability. In the workplace, it means accepting the benefits to your organisation of reflecting the full diversity of the community you serve. This means not only employing a diverse range of people, but also giving them support, training and career opportunities to move beyond stereotyped ideas of jobs appropriate for them. It may also mean accommodating different cultural practices and physical adjustments in your workplace.

As an employer, you need to model respect for diversity to your employees. You also need to take measures to ensure your employees adapt to diversity in the workplace.

Fran Hayes Workplace Solutions can assist you to:

  • develop a workplace diversity strategy
  • ensure your organisation is complying with anti-discrimination laws, both state and federal, and
  • communicate the diversity message to managers, supervisors and employees.