Policies & Procedures

Research and policy advice

I offer solid research and policy skills, with strong content knowledge in industrial relations, workplace equity and work-life balance. I am well recognised for my ability to combine thorough and detailed research with careful analysis and practical advice.


Writing HR policies, procedures and guidelines

I can turn your broad policy directions and desired outcomes into policies, procedures and guidelines.


Writing HR policies

I can write your HR policies on discrimination, equity and diversity, workplace bullying and harassment, work-life balance and HR grievance resolution. My policy writing role includes managing the consultation process in your organisation through to executive endorsement and, if relevant, to agreement with external stakeholders such as unions.


Writing HR procedures

HR procedures give employees, managers and supervisors practical steps to take in the event of an issue such as bullying arising. I can write your detailed HR procedures in areas such as grievance investigation, pregnancy management and flexible work practices, in consultation with all relevant stakeholders.


Writng HR guidelines

I can write practical HR guidelines for your managers, customers or members where there is a need for a publication to set out more detailed information such as case studies.
One example of this was the guidelines on family-friendly work practices for small business which I co-authored for the NSW Department of Industrial Relations to provide guidance to small business operators, one of their significant customer groups (refer to Publications tab).