Pregnancy at Work

Now that women play such an important role in the Australian workforce, employers need to be ready to manage pregnancy at work. There are real benefits for employers who get it right. It is well documented that those who implement sound pregnancy management and parental leave practices are more likely to retain valued women employees.

In recognition of international employment standards, Australian governments, state and federal, have enacted laws in relation to pregnancy at work and parental leave. These laws include industrial, anti-discrimination, and occupational health and safety laws. I can assist you to comply with these laws and to attract and retain valuable women employees.

Let me help you to develop practical pregnancy management policies and procedures covering:

  • the rights and obligations of both employers and employees during and after pregnancy
  • protection of the health and safety at work of pregnant women and their babies
  • measures to guarantee the employment security of pregnant employees and new mothers
  • pay arrangements during pregnancy and parental leave
  • flexible work practices to ease the transition from parental leave back to work
  • arrangements to enable new mothers to continue to breastfeed their babies after they return to work.

I can offer you a flexible package of services tailored to suit your organisation’s specific needs. These can range from giving advice on simple, low-cost changes in the workplace, to auditing your existing policies and practices, to working with you to develop and communicate your pregnancy management policies and procedures to employees, managers and supervisors. Please call me to discuss your needs, or make an email inquiry in the Contact section of the website.

Make pregnancy a happy time, not a stressful time, for you and your employees.