Workplace Bullying

Bullying in the workplace can take many forms, and can come from a number of different sources.

Workplace bullying can take the form of:

  • aggressive behavior;
  • undermining behavior;
  • excessively controlling behavior; or
  • excluding behavior.

Workplace bullying may come from managers and supervisors, or from fellow employees. It may even come from clients or customers.

Workplace bullying is an insidious problem that can ruin team morale and damage the physical and mental health of the employees who experience it. It is an occupational health and safety issue, which you are legally obliged to manage just like any other risk.

Don’t let the health and productivity of your employees be undermined by workplace bullying. Contact Fran Hayes Workplace Solutions to discuss the range of services I can offer to help prevent or beat workplace bullying.

My services to combat bullying in the workplace include:

  • developing your in-house policies and procedures on workplace bullying;
  • training your employees, managers and supervisors on your in-house workplace bullying policy and procedures;
  • coaching your managers and supervisors in non-bullying management styles; and
  • independently investigating workplace bullying allegations.