Workplace Discrimination

Discrimination means treating someone unfairly because of a personal characteristic they have, such as race, sex, age, sexual orientation or disability.

State and national anti-discrimination laws in Australia ban discrimination in the workplace. Employers can be held liable under these laws if they discriminate against employees or refuse to employ them, or if they allow their managers or employees to discriminate against others at work.

I offer a package of support to help you prevent and deal with discrimination in your organisation:

  • consulting with managers and staff to customise your policies and procedures
  • developing training curriculum to suit your organisation
  • training your senior line managers on their roles in preventing and dealing with discrimination
  • training your staff on how to avoid discrimination and where to get help if they need it
  • ongoing advice on implementing and reviewing your policies and procedures to meet your legal obligations.

I’ve helped numerous organisations to build systems that have the confidence of staff and managers.