Workplace Harassment

Stop workplace harassment now

Workplace harassment includes sexual harassment and harassment of people because of such things as their race, sexual orientation or disability.

Sexual harassment means subjecting a person to unwanted behavior of a sexual nature, ranging from comments to unwanted sexual propositions to unwanted sexual touching.

Other forms of workplace harassment may include cruel jokes, taunting and ridiculing a person because of their race, sexual orientation, disability and so on.

Allowing such behavior to go unchecked puts the health and safety of your employees at risk and exposes you to the risk of legal action under anti-discrimination laws.

I can help you to take measures to prevent and deal with such unacceptable behavior. I offer a package of support you in ensuring your workplace is free of unlawful harassment.

This includes:

  • consulting with managers and staff to customise your policies and procedures
  • developing training curriculum to suit your organisation
  • training your line managers on their roles in preventing workplace harassment
  • training your harassment contact officers in their roles
  • training you on how to avoid harassment and where to get help if they need it
  • ongoing advice on implementing and reviewing your policies and procedures to meet your legal obligations.