Public sector policy work

“I have known Fran since the mid 1990s when we were both employed as Policy Analysts in EEO/IR in the NSW in Premier’s Dept. Since then I have engaged Fran as a consultant to provide advice and develop policies about a range of topics including anti-discrimination, grievances and equal employment opportunity.

She is an expert in, and is committed to, equity and diversity and has excellent analytical and communication skills. Fran’s background (including in industrial relations) ensures that the advice she provides takes account of the industrial and legislative context. I recommend her as a consultant especially regarding HR issues.

Vicki Burge,
Project Manager,
Strategic HR at TAFE NSW

Policy work

“What I valued most about Fran’s policy work was it was first class, and “no worries”.

Fran recognised exactly what I needed, and delivered it just when and how I needed it, and did it in a really easy, friendly way. I never had to worry about the precision and accuracy of the work, or about how Fran would work with other people to get it done.”

Philippa Hall,
former Deputy Director-General,
NSW Department for Women


“Fran Hayes has worked successfully with the Australian Manufacturing Workers’ Union (AMWU) over many years, providing training for officials and employees, – Australia-wide, in preventing and responding appropriately to sexual harassment and workplace bullying.

Such training has also included courses specific to contact officers and nominated union officials. She has provided frank and insightful feedback to the union, drawing on the sessions she has delivered. She has also been generous in commenting (free of charge) on amendments proposed by the union to improve its policy and internal practices.

Fran is an experienced and committed trainer, one capable of accommodating the different experiences and priorities of hard-headed union officials and office employees.”

Mike Nicolaides
Affirmative Action Coordinator
National Secretary Supervisory,
Technical and Administration Division
Australian Manufacturing Workers Union

Community activities

“Fran Hayes was one of the early women activists around industrial relations and employment issues. She had an excellent understanding of the trade union movement and its pivotal role in the fight for equal pay.

She advocated, agitated and researched with great determination and considerable skills. She was one of the founders of the National Pay Equity Coalition (NPEC) and has been one of that organisation’s most active members for the last 22 years.

Many of NPEC’s more significant contributions to the pay equity debate have been prepared and presented by Fran Hayes.”

Hon Dr Meredith Burgmann
Former President of the
NSW Legislative Council
Councillor, City of Sydney
President, Australian Council
for International Development